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In the industrial world, safety is an undeniable priority. Among the risks that workers face, flash fires represent a serious and potentially deadly threat.

In this blog, we will explore what flash fires are, why personal protection is essential, and how technical fabrics play a fundamental role in keeping workers safe in hazardous environments.

What Are Flash Fires?

Flash fires are sudden and highly intense fires that spread rapidly due to the ignition of flammable vapors in the air. These events often occur in industries operating in ATEX zones, such as the chemical, petroleum, or food industries.

The Importance of Personal Protection

Personal protection is the first line of defense against flash fires. Workers exposed to these risks should be equipped with flame-resistant clothing that complies with the specified regulations. This is essential not only for their safety but also for their performance and comfort at work.

Technical fabrics are the key to protection. At Marina Technical Textiles, we offer high-quality technical fabrics designed with advanced materials that provide fire resistance, such as modacrylic blends. These fabrics are designed to withstand high temperatures and quickly extinguish when the heat source is removed.

Significant Advantages:

  • Fire Resistance: Our technical fabrics are inherently flame-resistant, maintaining their properties throughout the garment’s lifespan.
  • Durability: Marina’s fabrics meet and exceed the tensile and tear resistance established by occupational protective clothing regulations, ensuring greater garment durability.
  • Comfort: Despite their fire resistance, our fabrics use untreated natural fibers like cotton to provide comfort and breathability to workers.
  • Regulations: We comply with both American and European regulations and certifications for protection against flash fire risks.

Care and Maintenance of Technical Fabrics

Maintaining protective clothing in good condition is essential. We provide useful tips on how to care for and maintain our technical fabrics to ensure their effectiveness over time.

Regulations and Certifications

Safety is a top priority in our company. Our products meet the most demanding regulations and certifications, giving our customers peace of mind knowing they are well-protected in hazardous environments.

NFPA 2112: This regulation is issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in the United States and sets requirements for flash fire protective clothing. It defines performance testing, acceptable materials, and design criteria that technical fabrics and garments must meet

EN ISO 11612: This European regulation specifies minimum performance requirements for thermal protective clothing, including flash fire protection. It defines different levels of protection and classifications for fabrics and garments based on their heat and flame resistance. 

NFPA 70E: The standard for electrical safety in the workplace, it is a requirement for safe work practices to protect personnel by reducing exposure to major electrical hazards. NFPA 70E helps companies and employees avoid workplace injuries and fatalities due to shocks, electrocution, electrical arc flash, and arc blast. The primary goal is practical and feasible electrical safety, resulting in employees going home safely at the end of the day.

 • ASTM F1506: This regulation specifically applies to protective clothing against electrical arc flash and flash fire in electrically hazardous work environments. It establishes requirements for the flash fire and heat resistance of fabrics used in this clothing. 

ASTM F1930: This regulation specifies the test method for determining the predicted burn time of a fabric or garment when exposed to a flash fire. It provides a quantitative measure of flash fire resistance.

Discover our Technical fabrics to prevent these risks:

Flash fires are a reality in many industries, but with the right protection, risks can be minimized. We are committed to worker safety and offer the most advanced and effective technical fabrics to protect them from this dangerous phenomenon.

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flash fire