Aluminium Foundry

Aluminum foundries are dangerous places, where workers need complete, effective protection from serious accidents that may happen. An essential part of this protection lies in the work garments they use.

Finding a technical fabric that offers a reasonable and long-lasting guarantee for good protection from molten aluminum splashes is complicated, given that its viscosity (even at its melting point of only 700°C) makes it easy for aluminum to stick to any fabric, which results in serious burns.

Marina Textil manufactures specific fabrics with natural fibers to provide comfort and durability. It also prevents molten aluminum from sticking to the garments.

Marina Textil protective fabric for aluminum foundries. protection from high-temperature foci, electrical discharges, radiant heat, electric arc, liquid chemical splashes and massive molten metal splashes. In addition, these fabrics may be made in high-visibility colors for monochromatic areas.