Copper Foundry

Even though temperatures are lower than those of the iron and steel industry, this industry also poses a high risk of burns due to radiant heat (zones surpassing 1,100ºC). Regardless, molten copper splashes still pose the highest risk. Molten copper splashes behave almost like those of steel or iron do, given that its melting point is relatively high (1.085ºC). As it happens in the iron and steel industry, when this metal is in liquid state, its viscosity is relatively low. Therefore, the highest risk posed by a copper splash is the high temperature.

In copper foundries, there is also the risk of burns caused by contact heat and, occasionally, due to sudden fires resulting from electric arc, or splashes of some liquid chemical. Studying the behavior of these risks in our laboratory allows us to offer specific solutions for this sort of smelting.

These are the fire-resistant fabrics for copper foundries that Marina Textil has developed.