Zinc Foundry

The melting point of zinc is 420 °C. Therefore, its viscosity in liquid state is very high (even more so than that of aluminum). Consequently, when it splashes, it is one of the most difficult metals to protect workers from.

This metal and its alloys —nickel, by and large— present a high risk, adhering to practically any sort of fabric. In the event a splash adheres to fabric, the transfer of heat to a worker’s skin is lower, though not less dangerous, than with aluminum.

The Marina Textil solution is an exclusive fabric developed with only this sort of risk in mind. These flame-retardant fabrics for zinc foundries have also been developed for protection from other risks that may arise in these foundries, though less frequent: convective heat, electric arc and liquid chemical splashes.

The flame retardant fabrics that Marina Textil has developed for zinc foundries.