This sector includes police, army, firefighters, forest firefighters,ambulances,etc. Where, in addition to the protection that each of them requires specifically, they must comply with regards to colors and finishes without ignoring mobility and comfort.

Furthermore, not wish standing that not all users in these groups require fire resistant protection, they may be directly or indirectly exposed to fire. Hence, the solutions proposed by Marina Textil also cover fire resistant protection.



The dangers confronted by firefighters range from maximum fire exposure, accidents of any kind, cuts, varying types of scrapes, etc. High quality protective fabrics is required and must offer excellent flame resistance, mechanical resistance, and highly portability.

Wildland Firefighters

The flame retardant fabric for forest firefighters has to be of high quality, very comfortable with high resistance values to mechanical traction and tears without ignoring comfort.

The solution proposed by Marina Textil are the ones that notably comply with fire performance, mechanical resistance and resistance to tear without ignoring comfort.

Police & Military

All of the corps and security forces belonging to the State or the private sector must be equipped for maximum protection according their positions and duties. The textile industry focuses on offering technical fabrics for police and military that cover multiple needs such as fire-resistant protection, gasoline repellency, “anti-Molotov cocktail” developments, impermeability, extra toughness, resistance to extreme tension with proper breathability.

In military divisions, there are very important factors to have in mind when considering protective fabrics. The working conditions for this sector have led us to develop new fabrics, reaching state-of-the-art textile technology. This is how, for example, imitative fabrics have been developed that camouflage themselves and adapt to the environment, as well as anti-infrared fabrics that hide the wearer from being detected by thermal imaging.

These are the flame retardant technical fabrics that Marina Textil has developed for the police and military.