Iron and Steel

In iron and steel foundries (steel and ironworks), where metals are handled at a melting point of approximately 1,400°C, it is required that workers wear effective protection that is capable of resisting molten metal splashes.

In contrast to aluminum foundries, high iron or steel temperatures, as well as the viscosity of these metals when in their liquid state, support the repellency of fabrics against potential molten metal splashes. However, due to high temperatures and due to the possibility, that a sudden fire may start as a result of electric arc, the steel and iron industry is a dangerous environment.

Marina Textil offers innovative, pioneering solutions to this sector by promoting visibility in monochromatic spaces with high-visibility fabrics, as well as covering any needs for protection from high temperatures, radiant heat, contact heat, massive molten metal splashes, liquid chemical splashes, etc.

These are the protective fabrics for the iron and steel industry that Marina Textil has developed for.