Events – Marko ASTM


Do you know that Marina Technical Textiles has a special collection that meets the American Standards?

Since we are part of an international group, we have fabrics certified with the European standards and the American standards.

Marko ASTM was developed to perfectly fit the demand and the needs of the American market.

Marko ASTM is a multinorm fabric made of a mix of natural, artificial, and synthetic fibers, catching the best properties of each one.

The natural fibers give the fabric the perfect comfort and feel, while the synthetic and artificial fibers contribute to the strength and flame properties.

The collection surpasses the most demanding standards for protective fabrics for fire (NFPA 2112), and protection against electric arc (NFPA 70E) with fabrics achieving from category 1 to category 4.

In addition, they also pass the international IEC ISO standards regarding fire and flame resistance (EN 11612), anti-statics (EN 1149), as well as small acid splashes (EN 13034), and high visibility (EN 20471).

Marko® ASTM is tested both in home washes (EN ISO 6330) and industrial laundries (EN ISO 15797) with really good results due to the performance characteristics that the fibers have.

In this line, we have a wide variety of options with weights for all kinds of garments and seasons:

  • Knitted fabric: MARKO ASP220, MARKO ASP270AT
  • Woven fabric: MARKO AS55, MARKO AS70P, MARKO AS85
  • Rip-stop weave: MARKO AS55RS, MARKO AS70RS, MARKO AS85RS
  • Fleece fabric: MARKO AS FLP340AT
  • Elastic fabric: MARKO AS70RS EA
  • Softshell: MARKO SSH500