About us

Marina Technical Textiles specializes
in the design, manufacturing and
commercialization of inherently
flame retardant fabric solutions
used to make protective apparel
against hazards.


Inherent flame-retardant fabric is a type of fabric that protects well a worker wearing protective clothing in areas with risk of heat and flame.

The fabric with these characteristics must meet the following technical parameters:

1) The protection never fades or diminishes, neither with abrasion from the use of the garment nor with the washing cycles of domestic or industrial clothes with different detergents and chemical re-impregnations of the FC finish (fluorocarbon, repellent to products chemicals); both are the main problems of treated cotton FR fabrics.

Real experiences show that after washing they tend to lose their protective properties against most risks.

2) Flame -Retardant. The flame-retardant property is a characteristic of the fabric that makes it not burn or spread the flame and automatically extinguishes the fire when the ignition source is removed.

At Marina Textil, we use a type of permanent or inherent fire-retardant fabric for all our projects. It is a technical fabric that prevents the propagation of the flame and the self-extinguishing of the flame due to the use of a specific mixture of fibers, such as Modacrylic and Cotton, High Tenacity Polyamide, FR Viscose, and P-aramid mixtures.

Some of the most widespread standards and test methods to test the fire resistance of fabrics are ISO15025 according to EN ISO 11612 and ASTM D6413 according to NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E.

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