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Marina Technical Textiles specializes
in the design, manufacturing and
commercialization of inherently
flame retardant fabric solutions
used to make protective apparel
against hazards.


Technical Fabric Protection

We can visit many foundries of different types and come to the conclusion that there may be different equipment suitable for each type of material; iron, steel, aluminum, zinc, etc.

Different alloys, more and less modern foundries, different atmospheric conditions—these are some of the factors to consider and discuss with safety managers in order to make the best decision for worker’s safety.

Clothing is an important part of protecting the worker, and that’s why it is very important for it to be certified according to EN 11612, with protection values for molten metal splashes: E1-E2-E3 in the case of iron or D1-D2-D3 in the case of aluminum.

How do we determine this value? This is where the Safety Manager should consider:

How do we determine this value? This is where the Safety Manager should consider:

  • What type of installation do I have?
  • What kinds of alloys do I process?
  • What are the risks of splashing on my company’s machines?

At Marina Textil, we try to share all our experiences with the Safety Manager. Our responsibility is to give advice on the best choice. We usually present a couple of solutions to be tested in the field and proceed with a wear test afterwards. This assures us, without a doubt, that the correct decision is being made in reference to protection, comfort and performance.

Our brand of Marko and Marlan or Marlan Plus textiles enables us to have a broad range of protection for the various processes and materials, enabling our clients to produce PPE for significant worldwide steel firms for a long time.

Furthermore, Marlan Plus and Marlan V, our brands, were created specifically to comply with the American standards.

Our guarantee?

Through the years of working with different safety departments at various firms, we have been able to develop our fabrics and continuously improve and innovate new fabrics. This has contributed to the «know-how» to provide superior protection solutions in the FR textile space.

Foundry Industry

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