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Marina Technical Textiles specializes
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Electric Arc

Electric arcs are one of the leading causes of death in power plants, but what exactly is an electric arc? And do you know how our fabrics can protect you from it?

The electric arc is the electric discharge formed between two electrodes subjected to a potential difference. It can reach temperatures up to 7000 Fahrenheit and expose the skin for only 0.1 seconds to 203 degrees Farenheit, which can cause third-degree burns.

Arc flash can happen due to some of the following causes:

  • Condensation (humidity in the assembly of the equipment)
  • Contamination (dirt in the electrical panel)
  • Premature deterioration of insulating materials
  • Defective contact points, among other things
  • Even in a spray paint booth, an explosion can occur caused by improper electrical appliances or static electricity that ignites flammable vapors or dust

Some of the consequences are:

  • Complete destruction of the electrical panel. It may be that the side walls, doors, and cover are ejected when an explosion occurs due to an internal arc.
  • Brain contusions
  • Hearing loss
  • broken bones

Marina Textil’s protective fabrics against electric arc comply with the following European and American regulations:

IEC 61482-2. Protective clothing against thermal hazards of an electric arc. 

IEC 61482-1-1. Protective clothing against a thermal risk of an electric arc according to the Open Arc Test. 

IEC 61482-1-2. Protective clothing against a thermal risk of an electric arc according to the Box Test. 

ASTM F1959/F1959M-04. Standard test method of determining the arc rating of materials for clothing. 

NFPA 70E. Standard for electrical safety in workplaces and HRC classification. 

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